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Gripping the Ground

A lot of people say you must grip the ground with your toes.  I don’t agree. Now, if a highly classified government weapons facility has surgically implanted tiger claws in your toes, then by all means skip this post and … Continue reading

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  Ito Sensei came to the dojo last week – his first visit since his stroke last December. Sensei’s left side is still seve rely compromised.  He does not have use of his left arm and remains largely confined to … Continue reading

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Can You Cook With It?

  An instructor I know told me a story about a yogi that could create fire in the palm of his hand. The wizened yogi was demonstrating in front of a small crowd, and this instructor (whose opinion I trust … Continue reading

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Rory Miller Seminar – June 27, 2010

Imagine:  you’re just about to turn the ignition and someone sticks a gun in your face and orders you out of the car.  What do you do? How does that change if your baby is in the back seat?  What … Continue reading

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