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Happy Day

Congratulations to Andrew and Sumiko Hackett!  Great friends, food, liquor (coffee-flavored tequila – interesting and very tasty), and lots of laughs.  No need for an ab workout today.Well done you two.  Everyone at NWMA wishes you the best! It was … Continue reading

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Upcoming stuff…

  Still have more to write about the Crossing the Pond seminar, as well as the Aikijutsu seminar held at NWMA last weekend.  Hopefully later this week…For now though, just some announcements.Franco Sanguinetti will be performing a Matayoshi-Ryu Kobudo seminar … Continue reading

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Crossing the Pond – part 2

  At the seminar, students were broken up into two groups, and each instructor took one turn a day with each group – so we all got to spend two sessions with each instructor.  After two 6+ hour August days … Continue reading

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Crossing the Pond

by Brent Yamamoto"Five instructors, two cities, two continents" – that was the tagline for the Crossing the Pond seminar.  Basically, some cool guys that teach some very cool stuff, gathered together for two days in Seattle. The second leg will … Continue reading

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I’m at the Crossing the Pond event this weekend – great training and great people, and I’ll post something about it here.  In the meantime, here’s something cute I came across.  I don’t know if this is true or not, … Continue reading

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“The 25 Questions”

A while back Kris Wilder asked some of the folks in the martial arts community to write 25 things – statements, anecdotes, wisdom, silliness, whatever.  Some interesting stuff to read, check it out here. Write your own and maybe we’ll … Continue reading

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