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Rory Miller – Day 2

Violence & Use of Force Seminar: Day Two One of the things Rory likes to teach is environmental fighting – using the environment to your advantage.  Places where you might encounter real violence, like nightclubs, are where he prefers to … Continue reading

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Rory Miller – 10.23.10

I owe you guys another post on Yamashiro, but we had Rory Miller in town this weekend…sorry, but I’m gonna write about that while it’s fresh on my mind.  (Apologies also for the new format – still getting used to … Continue reading

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Yamashiro #2

Limiting myself to pictures and commentary tonight… Mark had a great idea to take the crew to the Issaquah Fish Hatchery.  I had never been there…actually learned quite a bit about salmon that I didn’t know.  Unfortunately, this is the … Continue reading

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Yamashiro Sensei in Seattle…

by Brent Yamamoto For those that don’t know, we’ve been preparing for Yamashiro Sensei’s visit to Seattle (which is a good part of why I haven’t been writing this blog as frequently as I’d like).  Sensei arrived on Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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A Few Good Men

by Brent Yamamoto In the last entry, I mentioned that the trickiest part of performing demonstrations (our demos anyway) is lining up in formation and bowing together.  It’s not critical from a self-defense perspective of course (though it is good … Continue reading

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