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Fighting a Legend

When novices are first introduced to martial arts, it is difficult not to recognize some of the legends of the martial arts world;  Bruce Lee or O’Sensei  often come to mind.  These people have long since passed, and stories that … Continue reading

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Rory Miller at NWMA in March

Come to the Rory Miller seminar on March 26. This isn’t just about martial arts, it’s about reading people, avoiding violence, de-escalating, and knowing when talking isn’t going to save you. NWMA people: talk to me before you sign up … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Elbow?

I’m going to talk about punching.  I’ll go out on a limb and stipulate that everyone who trains wants to punch harder. Most people focus on muscle.  Nothing wrong with muscle, especially when you want to look good at the … Continue reading

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Ready for Bruises

One of the kids came to class early on Thursday. I asked, “How are you?” A big smile crossed his face and he said, “Ready for bruises.” It made me smile. As much as I want the kids to learn … Continue reading

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Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year! I guess if you made New Year’s resolutions and already wavered, now’s your chance for a do-over. I’m feeling pretty lazy today (in keeping with wavering resolutions), so I’m just plagiarizing from Wikipedia.  I think that’s … Continue reading

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