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Conflict Communication Articles

Attended the Conflict Communication seminar with Rory Miller yesterday.  Brain is far too tired to write intelligently about it though. Lots of good material, a great turn-out, old friends and some new ones.  And Rory was his usual entertaining and … Continue reading

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Commentary on Internet Bully Video

I considered writing something about this, but Al Peasland beat me to it.  And why struggle with the words when someone has already done such a fine job? Al does a great job of analyzing what happened and using this … Continue reading

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Another Plug for ConCom – 3/26/11

So here’s another plug for Rory Millers Conflict Communication seminar on March 26. Everyone that practices martial arts does it for different reasons.  I do it mainly because I enjoy it, but I’m also serious about self-protection – this stuff … Continue reading

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Rory Miller at NWMA, March 26, 2011

Here’s a reminder that Rory Miller is coming to NWMA to teach his Conflict Communications course on March 26.  11am-7pm.  Yeah, it’s a long course…but worth it.  Bring a lunch. For those that want to cut to the chase, sign up … Continue reading

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Naihanchi Kata Comparison

Iain Abernethy posted an interesting compilation of Naihanchi kata videos performed by some famous Karateka.  Perhaps you’ll find it interesting. It’s very unfortunate that no video exists of Motobu Choki, who was acclaimed both for his fighting ability and for his practice of … Continue reading

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This is a nice-looking website with Judo video clips and related material.  I particularly like the Nage-no-kata and Gokyo sections.  Check it out. Courtesy of Kris Wilder and his Martial Secrets newsletter.  If you haven’t already, you should sign … Continue reading

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