Facing Violence

Spent the better part of Saturday at Rory Miller’s seminar.  This one was just fun, not as much of the deeper stuff, just running through a variety of drills.  A few scrapes, rug burns, bruises…my favorite kind of day.

I’ve been through most of the drills before so I don’t have much to say about the seminar itself, other than it’s always great to roll with folks old and new.  Drills, practice, new knowledge – all this stuff is valuable (which is why I do it so much).  But the best part really is seeing old friends and making new ones.

As an added bonus, Rory had copies of his new book for sale.  I’d been looking forward to it…started reading on Sunday and already most of the way through (long hours in the airport help).  Meditations on Violence is a great book and I’ve long recommended it to students, mostly as an eye-opener and something to make them think.  I have to say though if you’re only going to read one, pick up Facing Violence.  I wouldn’t say it’s better, because it’s not, they’re just different books.  But for those that need to pick up a lot of solid, useful information in a short time, this is the one.  It’s well-written, to the point, and a fast read.  Read it twice.

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