Feeding Crane Gung-Fu Seminar – 6/5/11

Rakesh will be teaching a Feeding Crane Gung-Fu seminar on June 5th.  Here’s the write up he gave me:

Feeding Crane is part of the White Crane family of Gung-Fu schools, developed originally by a woman named Qi-Niang in Fuzhao in southern China. Although it has died out in mainland China, the system survived in Taiwan, and several Okinawan Karate practitioners, including Morio Higaonna, Matayoshi Shinpo, and Kimo Wall (founder of Okinawa Kodokan Karate) have trained in the Feeding Crane system.

The system emphasizes soft blocks and explosive strikes, but does not rely on physical strength for power. Instead it relies upon developing internal power through a series of exercises that include basic techniques of Feeding Crane Gung-Fu.

In this seminar we will study the series of basic exercises and techniques that form the basis for Feeding Crane. We will be practicing applications of these techniques for self-defense, and learning how these techniques help their practitioners develop power.

Martial arts experience is not necessary. Casual attire will suffice; a gi is fine, but not required. Comfortable clothing as for a gym workout are sufficient.
See you there!
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One Response to Feeding Crane Gung-Fu Seminar – 6/5/11

  1. Richard Fields says:

    I Has the honor of participating in a seminar with Liu Chang I Grandmaster of the feeding crane. He had extrodinary power and grace.
    I think you will find any seminar in this style very illuminating.

    Rick Fields
    8th Dan

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