One thought about Sanchin Kata

Just back from Kansas City.  Even though it’s been a week I’m still thinking about the seminar and the post-seminar discussion time.

Discussing training and kata application with Eric over beer, the subject of Sanchin kata came up.  There are of course combat applications found in Sanchin, but frankly it’s not a kata that I look to for applications.  Sanchin just teaches you so many things about good structure – creating a solid, internal frame and a strong base of support for firepower.  It’s all about moving correctly, hiding your technique, taking the enemy’s balance, and blasting the stuffing out of him.  But as much as I love this kata, application-wise it’s just not so interesting.

Then Eric put into words something that I’ve thought about but haven’t actually, well, put into words:

“The structure IS the application.”

Sums it up perfectly.

Sanchin posture

Bonus: some pictures we took a few weeks ago.  I could say they’re studies in depth of field…but really we were just mucking about.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Boot to the head

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