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One thought about Sanchin Kata

Just back from Kansas City.  Even though it’s been a week I’m still thinking about the seminar and the post-seminar discussion time. Discussing training and kata application with Eric over beer, the subject of Sanchin kata came up.  There are … Continue reading

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Kansas City – June 2011

Had a great couple of days at the seminar with the Blue River Martial Arts Club in KC.  I love sharing the material, but as usual the thing I like most is the people.  Eric Parsons, the host and head … Continue reading

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Facing Violence

Spent the better part of Saturday at Rory Miller’s seminar.  This one was just fun, not as much of the deeper stuff, just running through a variety of drills.  A few scrapes, rug burns, bruises…my favorite kind of day. I’ve … Continue reading

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Kids Test Last Weekend

As the title implies, we had a kids test last weekend (and yes, I’m just getting to writing about it now!) I was very pleased with their performance.  Technical skill varies of course, and there are always things to improve.  … Continue reading

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Conflict Communication Articles

Attended the Conflict Communication seminar with Rory Miller yesterday.  Brain is far too tired to write intelligently about it though. Lots of good material, a great turn-out, old friends and some new ones.  And Rory was his usual entertaining and … Continue reading

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Commentary on Internet Bully Video

I considered writing something about this, but Al Peasland beat me to it.  And why struggle with the words when someone has already done such a fine job? Al does a great job of analyzing what happened and using this … Continue reading

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Rory Miller at NWMA in March

Come to the Rory Miller seminar on March 26. This isn’t just about martial arts, it’s about reading people, avoiding violence, de-escalating, and knowing when talking isn’t going to save you. NWMA people: talk to me before you sign up … Continue reading

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